Enrollments for the year close on Tuesday, September 28th. Limited seats are available.

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Limited seats are available, but program will expand in future years.


We will be learning about VR, both through studying published experiences as well as through creating new ones.

  • No prior knowledge is expected in computing or interactive media
  • As we play, try and discuss several experiences built for VR, we’ll discuss what VR can and can’t do compared to other platforms
  • You’ll learn the basics of interaction design, some programming concepts, and have a project to show off at the end
  • The program is roughly divided into three phases: VR Discovery, VR Creation, and VR Projects

Phase 1: VR Discovery

  • What is VR and what types of experiences is it good for?
  • How does it compare to other types of platforms?
  • What are the most successful examples of published VR content, both for entertainment and for enterprise uses?
  • How do you assess a VR experience?

Phase 2: VR Creation

  • What are assets, and how do you source and position them?
  • What are different behaviors that can be associated with assets?
  • How do you decide what happens when a certain action is taken?

Phase 3: Team-based VR Project

  • Join together with other creators to create a prototype solution for VR
  • Present your work in a public event with community members invited

Current Schedule

  • W1 (9/14): Introduction, Meet & Greet, Brief History
    • For Next Time: Research a VR-related job opening and describe what it is for.
  • W2 (9/21): VR 101: Experience Genres & More History
  • W3 (9/28): Hands on: First Contact & First Steps

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